Spiderman and Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics’ The Amazing Spiderman: 1 of Marvel’s Beloved Superheroes

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Spiderman Introduction

As I mentioned in my About Page, I am a comic book fanatic and I love reading Marvel Comics. One of my many favorite superheroes in Marvel Comics is Spiderman a.k.a Peter Parker.

Spiderman in the Marvel Comics.
Spiderman. A beloved superhero in the Marvel Comics

We all know the story of Peter Parker and the origins of his journey to being a superhero (at least to those who read Marvel Comics and have watched Spiderman movies). Peter Parker is an average teenager who is an outcast until a bite from a mutated spider grants him powers with spider-like abilities. He gains heightened senses, the ability to crawl on walls and shoot webs out of his hands.

Peter Parker is one of the beloved characters in Marvel Comics who grows as a person as he learns more about who he is and what he’s becoming as he navigates his journey with his newfound abilities. However, he doesn’t really become a superhero until his beloved Uncle Ben gets shot and killed during a burglary. It is then at the moment he loses his uncle that he realizes that he can use his new superpowers to be a masked crime fighter and do some good with dignity and purpose.

Spiderman’s Relevance in The Marvel Comics & Real Life

Obviously, Spiderman is just a superhero in Marvel Comics, but he’s also one of the main characters in the Marvel Comics who many of us could relate to, especially anyone that happens to be a teenager or a young adult themselves.

In Marvel Comics, Peter Parker is just a teenager who is trying to fit in at his high school and trying to find his place in that world. Even to this day, there are still kids out there who go to school and endure the same things Peter Parker did: getting bullied, being socially inept, feeling awkward, having low self-esteem, etc.

I believe that when Stan Lee created Peter Parker/Spiderman, he did so in a way that people, kids, in particular, can relate to him as a way to show how much relevance he can have to real-life teenagers and young adults. Of course, there aren’t any teenagers/young adults out there (that I know of. LOL) donning a mask and being a superhero like Spiderman or any other superhero in the Marvel Comics. But when Peter Parker isn’t Spiderman, he’s just a kid trying to navigate a world he doesn’t feel like he fits in to.

So when it comes to facing real-life where kids encounter issues in some way: for example, getting bullied, worrying about physical appearances, wondering if their crush likes them back, etc., just think about Peter Paker. He’s a superhero that people admire, yet no one knows who he is underneath the mask. It basically all boils down to really knowing who someone is and not judging them by what’s on the outside.

Read Spiderman

As a comic book fan, I highly recommend reading some Spiderman comic books. I like to watch movies and there are movies that I watch that are based on books and comic books. It’s a common phrase to hear that the books are always better than the movie it’s based on, and in various ways, that also applies to comic books too. There have been times when I have watched a comic book movie (especially Spiderman) that I would see some things in the movie that were different from how it was displayed in the comic books.


For example, in the 2002 movie version of Spiderman, Mary Jane Watson had known Peter Parker since they were little kids and he lived next door to her. However, in Marvel Comics, he didn’t meet her until he was a teenager. Another difference from the 2002 movie version that I noticed when I watched it was that Peter Parker and his best friend, Harry Osborn, went to high school together, but in the comics, they didn’t meet until college.

Another difference to take note of is that Tom Holland, the current Spiderman, has an updated suit via Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man; not to mention that his beloved Aunt May looks to be in her late 30s to early 40s in the new Spiderman movies compared to in the previous movies and the comics where she appears to be in her 50s or 60s.

I could go on and on about how the movie is different from the Marvel Comics version ( I could do all of that for every Spiderman movie and any other comic book movie in general) but if I do that, this post would probably be endless. So to get to the point I’m making, read the Spiderman comic books because they are fun to read and you would be surprised at how much you can learn from the characters compared to how you would see them in the movie versions.

Conclusion for Marvel Comics’ Spiderman

In conclusion, Spiderman/Peter Parker is a beloved superhero in Marvel Comics. He’s a character we can all relate to in some way due to how he lives his life as an introverted teenager but also grows as a person when a fateful spider bite forever alters his life. And even though the spider bite gave him something to hide, it also gave him something to be proud of as he lives his life knowing that great power does come with great responsibility.

Spiderman Marvel Comics
Image by Angeline 1 from Pixabay

Further Reading With Marvel Comics Spiderman

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